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You will be required to:

  1. Fill out our Online Waiver

All participants must sign our waiver to have access to our facility and equipment. Underage participants will require a parent or legal guardian's signature.

2. Watch our Safety Rules Video

Parents must ensure kids understand and follow these rules.

To reduce waiting times at registration, we recommend completing the Online Waiver and watching our Safety Rules Video prior to your visit.

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Most common questions are answered below.

What do I wear?

Clothing that doesn't restrict movement.

And if planning to hire climbing shoes, don't forget to bring socks.

What equipment do I need?

Chalk and climbing shoes. But we got everything you need. We sell small bags of chalk for $4.50 and you can hire climbing shoes for $3.

Can kids CLIMB AT ABC?


Anyone under 18 will require the signature of either a parent or a legal on their waiver form.

We have no minimum age at ABC.

Do I need to book?

In general, there is no need to book.

Only if you are coming with a group of ten or more climbers then it you will need to book a group session here.

Am I too weak to climb?

A common misconception in rock climbing is that you need big strong arms and fingers of steel to pull you up the wall,

sure this can help however your back and legs will be doing a lot more of the work, particularly on lower-angled walls with big holds, which we have a lot of!

Is there a maximum weight limit?

We have a ceiling weight limit of 120kg.

We ask additionally that you self-assess that you are ‘fit to fall’ regardless of weight.

see you soon!